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New revenue streams

We identify and accelerate new business opportunities by combining business development, technology, creative concepts and design.

Three people discussing a business proposal, sitting around a table.

Business prototyping

We explore opportunities for new concepts and services, through which our clients are able to engage with their customers. Sometimes, such new services evolve around current assets that we develop further into independent concepts. Other times, we’re able to identify unmet customer needs that can be the basis for innovating completely new offerings.

Visual and technical proof-of-concept

Proof-of-concept is a way to pressure-test the product. A technical specification, along with an initial estimate, secures the product’s feasibility and long-term stability. New products or services, aiming at introducing new consumer behaviours, depend on a “must have” user experience. We address this through visual mockups. Depending on sensitivity or confidentiality, these mockups can be tested on a smaller group of people.

Business case

A business case is developed to verify the viability of the proposed business concept. Its potential has to be thoroughly assessed and we do that by looking closely at selected markets, competitive landscape, target groups and targeted market share. If the potential is satisfactory, we look at how to capture it by defining a go-to-market strategy, pricing models, sales estimates and cost structures (PnL). Lastly, we include a plan for developing the service itself, the organisation around it and the upfront investments required.

Funding models

Our business models assume funding throughout the initial product development phase and for 12 months post launch. When external funding is relevant, we help introduce potential funding options such as external venture capital, corporate venture capital, family offices and angel investors. We also advise on desired operational models (fully owned, stand-alone or partnerships/joint ventures).

Investment proposal

An investment proposal is literally a summary of all of the above. It serves as the final delivery and includes everything a CEO or a board needs in order to understand the proposed business concept, both emotionally and rationally, and to ultimately base their decision upon this.

Our main capabilities

Experience strategy

We make sure design, tech and business goals are aligned
Experience vision
Service design
Strategy as process
Financial modelling

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Digital products and services

We create user-centric digital services that make life easier
Transaction services
Mobile apps
Chat & voice bots

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Digital service platforms

A digital service platform allows us to operate agile, capitalising on ever-growing data volumes
Evolving architectures
Intelligent engines
Data and connectivity
Platform engineering
People and processes

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Engagement and optimisation

We optimise content-driven products that support personalisation and measurable business outcomes
Content strategy, IA & SEO
Localised content
Analytics & user testing
CRO & personalisation

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New revenue streams

We identify and accelerate new business opportunities
Business prototyping
Visual proof-of-concepts
Business case
Topline development maps
Funding models
Investment proposals

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