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Wilh. Wilhelmsen

The new award winning enterprise portal, launched in June 2016, showcases a portfolio of global products and services, structured around the needs of well-defined customer segments.


The Wilhelmsen group is a global leader in the maritime industry, where digital innovation is creating new business development opportunities and reshaping competition. Wilhelmsen has updated their web platform with a completely new design and functionality to generate sales leads, increase customer loyalty and improve brand perception.

Our approach

The old website was organised around companies and divisions. The new website by solution areas and customer journeys. Visitors can read about a particular product, view current offers as well as view articles focusing on industry trends and innovation within that particular solution area. Each kind of content is relevant at different moments in the customer's journey towards a purchasing decision. Dimensioning tools such as calculators and estimators have also been developed. These bring the customer into the sales process in an engaging way and help build positive sales relationships by solving problems at an early stage. 

Kai Lundewall Strategic Brand Advisor, Wilhelmsen group

"Together with Making Waves we've managed to both greatly enhance the visual expression of our web presence and simplify communications of our total offering at the same time."


Content is presented through page templates which reflect different types of user context. With an emphasis on clean, airy page layouts, uses high quality photography, illustrations and video in page layouts.

Improvements have been made to the appearance of titles and subtitles, as well as meta-content, all of which make it easier to read content, and to find it using search engines. Navigational choices are clearer, with the menu clearly signposting the main product, service and solutions on offer. Site search is designed to quickly focus visitors on relevant results. A strategic approach to metadata improves the relevancy of search results displayed. The performance of all content in the portal is tracked using Google Analytics, so each piece of content can now be evaluated easily by editors, and changes made if needed. 


Improved content quality has also increased overall visitor engagement. The homepage bounce rate has dropped by more than 50%, and time on page has increased significantly.

A Panama & Suez calculator has driven the greatest user engagement on the new site. In total, 25% of toll calculator users expressed a desire to contact Wilhelmsen after using the calculator. The calculator also contributed to higher interest levels with users browsing six pages per web session versus all who browsed three. The tools have also boosted user retention on the site by a factor of 10.

Visit the website here

Since the sites launch in June 2016, Wilhelmsen have seen positive results. Increased visitor engagement, stronger brand perceptions and sales lead generation are concrete examples.


November 9th 2016, Wilh. Wilhelmsen won the award for best website in the Nordic countries at Episerver Awards in Stockholm.

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