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Séura designs and builds best-in-class mirrored televisions and lighted mirrors. The company was founded on the idea that technology should add beauty to the design of a space, not just functionality.

The Challenge

While Séura’s products were in a class above the competition, the Séura brand was as indistinguishable as the rest, and certainly not worthy of a luxury category leader.

Most of the competitor brands were attempting to distinguish themselves in the same way—by talking about expertise in design, technology, craftsmanship, quality, and so on. The result was that every brand sounds the same, including Séura. None were answering the key question, “why”? Why are they in business? And why should a customer choose one of them before anyone else?

The Approach

Séura’s most compelling quality is summed up in their mission: “Create the perfect harmony of technology and design.” We agreed that the best approach was to prove it. To create a digital presence that is as much a brand statement as it is a way to experience their unique products.

The Process

We divided the work into three phases: Voice, Look, and Feel.

To get the voice right, we workshopped directly with those responsible for the Séura mission—from company founders to shop floor technicians—to find out what was really driving them. We believe that customers need to know everything that’s going into the products and, ultimately, their homes and living spaces. We then created a complete voice guide, including brand purpose, value propositions, tone and more.

Next we explored how the brand should look. Photography styles place the user in the center of the experience. Icons were developed in a realistic style to indicate precision of the products and designs. Color is used sparingly, to keep the attention on picture quality, and the brilliant designs of the products. To complete the look, we took inspiration from schematics in industrial design to illustrate the intersection of art and technology. The schematic feel comes to life in animations, and makes subtle appearances throughout the experience.

Finally, we developed how the brand should behave online. The entire experience should be seamless and easy to work with—exactly like Séura’s products. Plus, we added little bit of magic using animations and morphing to reflect the awe-inducing nature of their products, and the engineering behind them.

The Result

Close collaboration with our clients resulted in a beautiful brand experience and intuitive user-centric design on deadlines and on budget.

As the elements of each phase were approved by our client, we built them into our internal process so that development could lay the technical foundations while design iterated and fine-tuned. This is part of our agile process designed to match efficiency with speed.

Scrolling the home page of the new Séura.com, it all comes together to complete an experience that gives the user the essence of an industry-leading designer technology brand, while providing an elegant product discovery journey.

Seura.com launched on July 19 - see the finished result on seura.com

An impressive result that

within the first 2 weeks of the site launching, improved submissions 47% and conversions rate up +60% vs. previous site 3 month average benchmark

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