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SATS ELIXIA is the largest chain of fitness centres in Norway and is a well established brand throughout Scandinavia. Personal Trainers (PTs) account for 25% of the chain's turnover. Therefore, it’s extremely important that SATS ELIXIA takes care of their PTs to ensure job satisfaction.

The challenge

PTs working at SATS ELIXIA used a variety of methods to organize their client business and manage their schedules. Some preferred pen and paper, while others kept track using email, digital calendars, SMS, or made bookings over the phone. SATS ELIXIA gave Making Waves the task to improve the digital tools that PTs use to complete administration activities. The goal was to develop a tool that gives PTs more time to focus on their main tasks - namely customers. The service had to be easy to use in a fast paced working environment, and needed to facilitate better time accounting procedures.

Our approach

To accommodate the PTs’ need for a mobile solution, we chose to develop a native app that we called “PT Booking”. A multidisciplinary team worked closely with personal trainers in Norway, Sweden, and Finland; part of the development process took place at the fitness centers, face-to-face with personal trainers. We established a beta test group of PTs in Sweden and Norway, and eventually used 200 PTs in the beta version. This gave us continuous feedback and very good insight into the quality, traffic and usage patterns. When the app was launched in November 2016 it was a solid, proven product that was already requested by the audience.

Atle PT Manager in Norway

"The fact that Making Waves has worked very closely with PTs has been critical, because they felt ownership and that they had participated in the process, which in turn meant that they feel motivated and really feel seen. It's been incredibly important to us."

Simple and fast - more time for what matters

Personal trainers at SATS ELIXIA are not primarily concerned with having the latest technology - they are concerned with helping their clients be the best they can be. Their job is to guide people towards getting fit and bettering themselves. Therefore, it was important that they had a simple process to manage their administrative activities so they are easy to handle and readily available. In other words, an app that they spend the least amount of time using! At the same time as building an app for personal trainers, we also developed an administration page for better transparency among PTs and center managers.

Karim Personal Trainer

"When I log my session information more often it gives a much better overview for both me, the customer and SATS ELIXIA."


The PT app was launched and adopted by all PTs in the Nordic region in November 2016. With the app, it takes 15 to 20 seconds to record a customer’s session, while this work was previously carried out once per month and took approximately two hours. SATS ELIXIA employs 1500 PTs, so the launch of the app is currently saving 3000 hours per month - a total of 36,000 hours per year at a Nordic level.

The 36,000 hours saved can instead be spent on education, planning of training - and the all-important customer care.

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