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Choice has increased its overall sales, ability to compete and customer loyalty in owned digital channels. Their online conversion rates now rank amongst the best in Europe. Making Waves has been responsible for technology, UX and delivery management.

The challenge

Choice has 180 hotels located in six countries. They operate in a highly competitive market where online travel agencies (OTA) such as Expedia and are both important distribution channels, but also Choice’s biggest competitors. Choice’s strategy to beat the competition is to create great user experiences in their own channels combined with an attractive loyalty program. Since 2011, Making Waves has been responsible for Choice’s online booking solution.

Our approach

Our solution is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team in collaboration with Choice and their Project Manager. The project started traditionally, with clearly demarcated phases and delivery times, and has since transitioned to an agile process, with the product at the centre, short iterations, testing and design and development decisions based on user-testing. Each sprint starts with a clearly defined business need, as well as the KPIs by which the development will be evaluated. Conceptual ideas and sketches are tested early and often.

We have provided concepts, graphic design, interaction design, back-end and front-end development, web analytics, content consultancy, continuous user testing and delivery management.


The web pages are built in EPiServer and EPiServer Commerce, APS .Net, .Net WCF platform, Elastic search, Typescript, Knockout (front end), Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for tracking and A/B testing. The solution has extensive integration with Choice's central booking system, as well as with external databases for inventory and yield management, business rules, CRM, Nordic Choice Club and the customer's own workflows. The solution provides for the distribution of digital content to other sales channels, such as travel agencies, OTAs, TripAdvisor etc.

In parallel with EPiServer, Choice is now developing its new digital platform, using Contentful as a new headless CMS. Making Waves also supplies UX design and development to this new platform, collaborating closely with Choice's in-house team.

Martin Belak Director for Digital Development

"Together with Making Waves, we have created a digital sales channel that has produced very good results, in terms of sales, conversions and the recruitment of new members."


The solution has created record turnover and an improved margin for Choice. User-centric, data-driven decisions, "mobile first" and a flexible approach have created a high performance web site and an engaging and attractive UX experience. Good presentations of hotel rooms, responsive pages, a highly efficient booking flow, increased recruitment of new members to the Nordic Choice Club as well as enhanced booking of meetings and conferences have created seamless search and ordering process for customers.

  • Turnover via own web has reached NOK 1.5 billion, and continues to grow
  • Improved competitive position and negotiating power towards Online Travel Agencies
  • A focus on UX for mobile web has helped this channel to grow to 41% of web revenues

NOK 1.5 billion

turnover reached via our website and continues to grow

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