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fnugg is a weather information service that offers up-to-date information about over 100 Norwegian winter sports resorts. In the year of the app launch, ticket sales increased by 5 percent, a record for ski resorts.

The challenge

The Norwegian Alpine Skiing Association partnered with Making Waves to develop a service for weather information from all member ski resorts in Norway. The aim was to unite all Norwegian winter sports destinations in one simple service, and create enthusiasm about the stunning alpine facilities that Norway has to offer.

Our approach

fnugg is developed through an agile design and development process. Our development team worked closely with the Norwegian Alpine Skiing Association and established a reference group made up of resort employees around the country. Through a continuous dialogue with the reference group that included prototyping and testing, we worked towards the final product through rapid iterations. The development process was documented on a blog, where we were able to generate ongoing input from the end users: the skiers themselves.

fnugg provides up-to-date snow conditions, weather, trail maps, lifts and slopes, directions, and general information about resorts and terrains. We also found out which resorts have the most sun and snow for you.

Snow conditions when you need them

fnugg was developed as a native app for iOS and Android, and works across all platforms. It is also available as a web solution on We are in the process of continuous development based on user needs, and also provide an open interface (API) for those who want to use the data in their own digital solutions.

Finding the right destination is easier than ever

The Weather Forecast Service,, is a reliable source of weather, but is not adapted to the needs of skiers. In parallel with building an app for consumers, we developed a reporting service for trail crew, where real-time data can be entered about the amount of snow, and temperatures at the top and bottom of the hill. The data here is combined with data from We developed this through a separate Fnugg API, so that all data on Fnugg is updated at any time.


fnugg was launched in the third quarter of 2015. In this same year, the sales of ski passes at Norwegian ski resorts increased to 55 million Norwegian kroner. This corresponds to an increase of 5 percent. The number of visits to alpine ski resorts increased by 200,000, and suburban ski centers increased their turnover by 21 percent. 

Camilla Sylling Clausen CEO Association of Alpine Resorts

"Sales of lift passes has increased by 5 percent: it's all time high. We are certain that fnugg has contributed to this."

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