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Thinking inside the box

Beambox is a tailor-made concept created so Swedish real-estate company Castellum can best utilise the space in their vacant properties. Re-packaging storage for the iCloud generation, it offers users a unique way to keep organise, track, and also sell, their stored items.

A place for everything

Property companies in Sweden generally have between 10 and 12% vacant space among their holdings. In the long-run it of course makes sense to keep these buildings as the cities grow. But how to make use of them now? Answer, storage.

With traditional storage solutions typically providing customers with the absolute bare essentials, when it comes to service, interaction and flexibility, we saw an opportunity.

Offline storage, online archive

Re-imagining what a modern storage solution could be, our Creative Business Studio took that simple idea, from conception, through to completion.

Leading a multi-discipline development team, with representatives from both Castellum, and Nordic logistics company Bring, we created the world’s first physical cloud-solution. Digitally packaging up physical objects, you interact with them in exactly the same way as you would music files, photos, or documents on your mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

Photographing, categorising and storing your belongings, Beambox allows users to keep track of their stored items without ever having to leave the house. Enabling users to quickly browse, select and even sell, or throw away items, it brings the intuitive usability and structure of cloud storage to the physical world. The messy, unorganised one of split cardboard packing boxes, old skis, and those difficult to find records you think you packed away.

Unboxing beta

Working with Castellum for over a year, Beambox is an ongoing project, but the initial reactions from users have been overwhelming positive.

Currently in the beta testing phase, the solution is a suite of applications and services developed with microservices approach and hosted in Azure. The code base is written amongst others in .Net Core, Asp.Net Core Mvc and React with usage of both SQL, document and key-value storages.

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