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The thesis on Making Waves is completed

Since January, Making Waves Oslo has hosted a group of students writing their Bachelor thesis about our organization. Read about what motivated and inspired the three newly graduated students, and how they felt about their first working experience. Here's the students’ summary of the last six months.


Natalia Uranes, Sigrun Gjengset and Sara Dalfalk study Interactive Design at Westerdals Oslo ACT.

So, tell us what you’ve been up to!

We’ve been at Making Waves since January, and have just handed in our bachelor thesis about the design and development of a booking system for the internal event course, “Show and Do”. We were given a challenging and open-ended task, and could choose between different problems to solve. After chatting with our advisor, Creative Director Silje Gabrielsen, we chose to design and develop a new booking system for internal events at Making Waves. Throughout the entire process, we have carried out interactive testing, and the solution for the problem became a separate, user-friendly website.

What have you learned from the process?

Hundreds of things! If we have to choose one thing in particular that we learned, it’s got to be the introduction to the new CMS-system, Contentful ( We were given the opportunity to get certified in this together with the rest of the tech department. The certification process inspired us to continue using Contentful, which is a user friendly system that made both design and development of the booking system more agile. We were also mentored from Magnus Kjelland, Heidi Hoen and Mari Hunnes, which has been fantastic, and we’ve learned so much.

How was it to be a part of Making Waves?

We will miss this place! It has been so easy to move around internally and we have been included in the culture in a way we never expected. This is true for everything from an account on Slack, e-mail addresses, and being granted access to the entire building. We also really appreciate that we have been treated as peers, and were always invited to afterwork beers and parties. Making Waves has been an awesome working environment, both socially and intellectually.

What have been the highlights?

The fifth - and last - user test! That was the moment when everything fit together and when we realized that we truly knew and understood the word interactive. Your philosophy regarding working in iterations is now tattooed on our forehead. All the great feedback we received from tech, design and management was also a high point.

Why should the best people come to Making Waves?

It has to be because of the opportunities you get as an employee, especially regarding the fact that you get to work in cross disciplinary teams. In addition, the warmth of people and the work culture means that Making Waves is a great place to be a part of.

We are grateful for their efforts, and congratulate Natalia, Sigrun and Sara on getting an A grade on their thesis!