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Rock, prototypes and search - meet Harald

Every month, Anne Maren and Kristoffer interview a Making Waves employee. In May, they spoke with Harald Haugerud about music, data, search and design.

A few quick questions


Name: Harald Haugerud
Role: Data Analyst and Making Waves Music Producer and Party Designer

What’s going on right now?

Now I am working a lot with the big buzzword machine learning, and trying as best as possible to explain difficult things in an understandable matter.

Sounds interesting, tell us more

All businesses are full of data they don’t use, and we have to start using that data in a smart way. I guess we use about 10 percent of available data, but we can easily use 90 percent. So, a lot of my time goes to analysing big data sets and machine learning. I think the entire world is full of data we’re not taking full advantage of. 

Which part of Elastic Search* do you find exciting?

My co-workers kind of makes fun of me, but Elastic solves everything! It’s a platform that can handle huge amounts of data, which makes it possible for to surf really fast on the top of that data. Companies like eBay, Facebook and Netflix use Elastic, so I’m not the only who thinks this is exciting.

*Elastic Search is an open source search- and analytics engine that we work with.

What do our clients feel about this?

It’s awesome when we build a prototype for someone. When we get a data set from our client, we build something out of this before we present it to them. Then we are teaching our clients something about themselves they didn’t know. When they see the power in the solution, that’s an awesome feeling! When the client goes quiet and says “oh, so that’s how it works?”, that’s a nice feeling for us computer nerds! Not just to talk about it, but do it and show the result.

You are the Oslo office rock star, DJ and party fixer?

That’s what I really should have been – a rock star! Imagine everybody attending my concert at Valle Hovin. 30.000 people jumping up and down, tons of pyro, but we just have to realise that it’s not happening. Which makes it great that we get a little taste of it when we are group of people on the stage at company parties, playing groovy tunes. We always sit down and design an experience. We make a set list for when people should hang around, dance and so on, so in that way it’s just like working with user experience, but in a different setting than at work. Same, but different.

Why should the best people in the business start at Making Waves?

The reason why I am here is because we are great at both design and tech, and it’s in that crossing where the “magic” happens. Us tech people love to work with solutions that works and looks nice, and designers feel the same. I remember we sat between some toner shelves in a copy room, hacking on a server, working like we do – tech and design on the same team, is much more fun. A lot of other companies say they do the same, but I believe that we in Making Waves do it better than the rest.