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January Chat

Each month, Anne Maren and Kristoffer chat with an employee from Making Waves. This January, we become better acquainted with Mariko and Fredrik, who work closely together on a project for SATS ELIXIA.

Six quick questions

Tell us a little about yourself:

Mariko Rohde, 28 years, Service and Interaction Designer, employed for 1.5 years.

Fredrik Paasche, 53 years, Senior Mobile Developer, employed for 10 years.

What project are you working on?

We are working for Health & Fitness Nordic, where we design and develop an app for personal trainers. It’s designed to be very efficient and take almost no time at all. The app is a monitoring tool for an audience that is not fond of technology- and this has been a really fun challenge for us.

How do you work as a team- as a senior developer and a junior designer?

Mariko: We learn a lot from each other. We are very curious about each other's work, and we’re both open to new ideas.

Fredrik: We have taken plenty of time to explain to each other our knowledge and background- everything from concepts to simple introductions to applications and systems. Through this, we developed a solid process, meaning that the product we make is both technically solid, and to the users’ preferences.

How do you work together?

Mariko: We have had to be open and completely collaborative all the way. There has been very little of "this is your task" and "this is my task." Instead, we have worked closely together without any handover. We work with continuous feedback.

Fredrik: We also performed all user testing together, something that has been very exciting. We have observed what the users needs are and seen what we need to solve together.

Is working together fun?

Mariko: Fredrik has really good "dad humor"- and it’s much more enjoyable than I thought! We laugh a lot together.

Fredrik: We also have a lot of fun out in the field when we conduct usability testing. We joke around and generally have a lot of fun as a team. I think Mariko has some funny pictures of me from different user tests!

Why is Making Waves a great place to work?

Mariko: There are so many great people here - both in terms of being intelligent and fun. It’s a company that’s big enough to create a really fun and varied workplace.

Fredrik: You get to work within many different team projects, and that’s always fun. There’s no one here in the office that I don’t want to work with. There’s also such a broad portfolio of projects - I’ve worked with everything from music, and chess, to now fitness. There’s a lot of fun to be had here!

Fredrik demonstrates real user testing out at the client's