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Google Sprint, our first masterclass

On Thursday, 26 January, we held the first ever Making Waves masterclass. We will now regularly be running a series of workshops related to the methodology used here at Making Waves. These workshops will be held by both designers, developers, and strategists who work daily with the Making Waves methodology.

Google Sprint in practice

Sprint by Google Ventures was last year's most talked about methodology book. We wanted to see if we could bring the theory to life in the form of real projects. After 6 months of working on the methodology, we invited other methodology junkies to a workshop where we shared the dos and don'ts", successes and failures, joys and tears, and questions and answers.

Although this was the first time we organized the masterclass, there were over 200 people who applied to attend. We ended up inviting 20 talented people from different disciplines, industries and roles. This meant that we had a great mix of people, from designers, UX'ers and those working with innovation and product development. The participants came from companies such as Halogen, Finn, Nordea, DnB, Mesh, Food Market and Geta - to name a few. This, we think, was a good mix of people from the agency and client side.

This first workshop was an ambitious program that stretched through a full day. It was six hours of learning about both the theory and practice of the methodology. There has been an emphasis on two things today: teaching as much as we possibly can, so that people are able to run this on their own. Secondly, we made sure that we had a thorough session where everyone could have a full experience” says Joachim von der Lippe, a coach at Making Waves. Participants were divided into two groups working together to solve a task that questioned how people in Oslo can easily take advantage of events in the city without having to plan ahead. During the day the participants were served snacks, and the day ended with pizza and beer.

There was a lot of interest in how the methodology could be applied in practice, and what would be needed for it to work. All participants were given access to a tool that is compiled on the basis of our experience with the methodology. This makes them equipped to conduct a weeklong sprint.

I think that it’s been a great experience. It's been fun to work with completely new people, and actually produce something that has some value to us. It’s interesting to hear about Making Waves and their experience with sprints they have run, in order to get advice on how mistakes can be avoided”, said Christian Løverås, from DnB, about the workshop.

It was a nice combination of people, making new acquaintances and we ended the day with a social gathering in Lofthus Pizza at Kunstnernes Hus.

We’re already looking forward to the next master class!