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Easter chat

Every month, Anne Maren and Kristoffer interview a Making Waves employee. In March, they spoke with Digge Zetterberg Odh, our new Director of Talent and Marketing. She has been working for The North Alliance for three years, but has only been a few short weeks at Making Waves where she is hoping to find the best future employees for our company.

A few quick questions


Name: Digge Zetterberg Odh

Role: Director of Talent and Marketing

How long have you been working at Making Waves?

I’ve worked at NoA (The North Alliance, our parent company) for 3 years, and I've been at Making Waves Stockholm for a few short (but intense) weeks.

What’s going on right now?

I've just started my new role at Making Waves, so that’s the biggest thing going on right now, but at the same time I’m working on how we as company should communicate to our clients, employees, potential employees and other stakeholders. In addition, I’m trying to find the best future employees. My big project for 2017 is to find about 20 skilled new employees for our Stockholm office.

How does your perfect day at work look like?

That’s a good question!
It’s a mix of interesting meetings; with colleagues, clients and others. It's also when I randomly come across external inspiration, like an interesting article and so on. In a perfect work day, I also have the time to process the input. Since I get a lot of energy by meeting people, a perfect work day consists of a lunch with someone I know, a former colleague, client, or friend. But the most important factor in a perfect work day is coffee – a day without coffee is not a good day! :)

How would you, Digge, create a better world?

I met a professor in Industrial Economy the other week and we had a discussion around not only focusing on tech, but rather human insights. We need to look at the human needs in the world and then focus on developing technology based on this. We're not going to change the world by creating a cool gadget, our technology needs to be paired with an adequate problem – not “dude we should… build something cool”.
One topic that I'm particularly interested in is inclusive design (which John Maeda talks a lot about in his design and tech reports – check them out!). I'm convinced that if we are to design products and services for a broad range of people, that broader perspective needs be there already when we design them. There are lots of underserved communities out there, and lots of examples of successful companies who have succeeded because they were not invented by straight white men in their 30s - like Grindr or Little Bits.

Ok, that’s great, but how are you implementing these thoughts to our company?

We have several processes going on, but Rome wasn't built in a day! For example, we're currently testing out “blind recruiting”, where the applicant is anonymous throughout the entire process - until the interview, of course. We will also test out different incentives for diversity and so on. We are trying to figure out the best method along the way, and it's going to be an exciting and insightful process.

Our last question, before you get a fresh cup of coffee! Why should the best people in the business come and work at Making Waves?

Now that everybody is talking about tech and digital – is there any better place to work then a place where you as an employee will be discovered, mentored, and challenged? Because that's how it is to work here – don't think I need to say more :)