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December Chat

This autumn, several talented people started at Making Waves and this month we took the time to chat to Cathrine, one of our new employees.

8 quick questions

Name: Cathrine Haare
Title: Process Lead / Team coach
Previously: NoA intern
Currently interested in:
Being the person to revolutionize the way we work in teams at Making Waves, both internally and with our clients.

Why Making Waves?
For me it is important to work somewhere that has a human-centric way of working in technology and design - a place that invests in the team and encourages interdisciplinary work. A bonus is, of course, all the talented people in the company.

Dream customer/project:
The dream for me would be projects where the customer is heavily involved in the delivery, together with us - that's when conditions are optimal. The learning curve the team experiences together with the customer is unique, and it's always fun to work closely with the customer, who understand their own product and brand needs.

Which hashtags do you use most at work?
I am very team orientated because of my position, so it would probably be #GoTeam and #WorkAndPlay- and of course our own hashtag, #wearemw.

Describe yourself in three words
Good question: I'm engaged, social, and of course a foodie; my boyfriend is a chef!

What three words would you use when it comes to work?
I am very engaged when at work, and I like it when things are exciting, so fast-paced is a good second word. Last but not least, people - it’s people that are the most important part of my job.

Something no one would have known about you:
I have lived and operated an artist collective in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m still in good contact with the owner of the house, so let me know and you could enjoy a glass of red wine on the rooftop of Casa Bolivar!

Why should people choose to work at Making Waves?
Because we are a warm, friendly, and talented agency, where inspiration and talent is always at the core.

In 2017 we’ll get to know more employees in Making Waves!