A new company, valuable traditions

Making Waves is a digital agency with offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Chicago, New York and Krakow. In early 2016, we merged with Nansen, and together we have formed Making Waves.

A new company, valuable traditions

The new Making Waves is around 400 people with competencies spanning strategy, design, development, and content, and with one shared purpose: creating human-centric designs driven by the most human of all traits - curiosity.

New people, uncommon skills, and big ideas creating new opportunities for our clients. Learn about who we are.

We call it moving together

Our culture

Everything we do starts with real human needs. We are warm, friendly, and always driven towards finding solutions that are connected to people’s everyday lives. We see ourselves as the place where talented people and bold enterprises can get the best possible opportunity to grow and find ways that in the end help to simplify people’s lives.

We are a diverse team of passionate experts that all believe that great ideas, solutions and partnerships can come from anywhere, as long as we keep moving together.

Our values

The new Making Waves is born out of our warm and friendly nature, and our desire to create inspired digital products and experiences for bold companies. It is a reflection of the Scandinavian values that run through the organization regarding innovation, design, and business culture.

By moving together, we are empowered to take on problems that others may see as too difficult. We dare to try solutions many would believe to fail. It’s what keeps us one step ahead.

Our brand

Making Waves is part of the NOA group, a family of Scandinavian communication & technology companies. Together with our sister company Bold, we formulated a direction and visual language for our brand.

Working in close partnerships with our clients, we create competitive advantages with a human-centric approach to digital products and experiences.

The brand essence helps lift our warm and friendly nature and our drive to find solutions connected to people’s everyday lives. It lifts the quality of our talents, their mindset and approach to problem-solving. Our curiosity and willingness to explore will open new possibilities that others take for granted. All of this is bound together with the strong Scandinavian values that run through the organisation regarding innovation, design and business culture.

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