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UX CRO Analyst

Do you want to join our growing team of analysts and senior analysts optimizing user experience across the entire customer journey?

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What will you do?

Developing and leading processes for gaining user insight, feedback and usability testing using a variety of methods, you support and optimise the work of designers and developers in creating best-in-class customer experiences.

Our client engagements tend to be long term, often involving many sprints. Our analysts play a vital role in analysing customer and user processes and use best practices in UX and CRO analytics to support hypotheses and test concepts and prototypes.

Who are you?

We are looking for a true hybrid who is comfortable with UX research methods (surveys, feedback and usability studies), as well as understanding the marketing/sales funnel and how content and UX together drive conversions. You will be able to gather and analyse data to develop recommendations to help clients grow their businesses through ongoing optimisation.

You are analytical and structured, and you are a driving force for new and relevant ideas to improve conversion and customer experience. Experienced in using specialist software to enhance analysis and UX, you are comfortable in dialogue with designers, developers as well as non-specialists. You have a sufficient understanding of GDPR to incorporate this framework into your strategies and concepts.

You are motivated to keep learning and developing your competencies, have a commercial flair and the ability to be convincing in dialogue with new and existing customers. You have honed your skills over the past few years and now want to join a larger professional environment where you can stretch yourself and work with some of the most exciting organisations in our region.

Why do we need you?

You will play a central role in our relationships with clients based on your expertise as a senior advisor focused on ensuring continuous customer insight.

Your role helps to ensure that products and services we design for our clients result in engaging and seamless user experiences that are task and goal oriented and which perform to business KPIs. Using insights from qualitative and quantitative sources, you advise clients by highlighting value creation opportunities for users on an ongoing basis.

What we can offer

We love our jobs. You notice that when you meet us and see how we interact with our customers. Our goal is first and foremost to create a great place to work and to be valuable partners to our clients.

To succeed, we think with both our heads and our hearts and perform our roles with integrity and pride.

We have gradually become a mature organisation. As a result we have well developed internal processes, routines and systems enabling our employees to advance within their disciplines. We compete at the highest level, earning and retaining the trust of the bravest companies in the Nordic region that is committing to digital transformation journeys.

We offer opportunities for international networking and career development.

Of course, we have competitive terms and conditions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Responsible recruiter

Sandra Escalante Schiefloe