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Experienced .NET Developer

Are you a passionate .NET Developer? If so, we may have a job for you!

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What will you do?

We are looking for competent developers that focus on enterprise scale distributed service platforms with Microsoft Azure Services, .NET, Node.JS backends and .NET Core based frontend solutions. If you have the following skills, read on!

  • Bachelor or Masters degree in Software development, engineering or similar
  • Spoken and written fluency in Norwegian/Scandinavian and English
  • Experience in software development projects from beginning to end
  • Experience with the Microsoft Stack (.NET/C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft Azure)
  • Comfortable in other programming languages and frameworks (e.g..NET Core, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, Java, databases both SQL and NoSQL, other cloud services like AWS, and familiarity with Elasticsearch) and methodologies such as Scrum, Agile, Kanban.
  • You speak Coding Standards, Git, DevOps, CI/CD, and test automation natively
  • Updated on the latest software and framework trends
  • You have some experience or knowledge about CMS solutions like Episerver, or headless solutions like or Contenful

*if you don't match all of the above but still think you would be an awesome addition to our team, please don't hesitate to get in touch :-)

If you are comfortable in any of these areas or surrounding domains, we would love to hear from you.

Who are you?

We would love if you are a passionate developer with experience and a desire to contribute as a team member. You are curious, communicative and motivated by quality engineering,  knowledge, cooperation and continuous learning. You freely share knowledge and experience with your colleagues, regardless of whether they are developers, designers or clients.

You value teamwork, and aim to deliver quality workmanship, efficient code, value to the project, and you share you thoughts and opinions to create better products for your clients.

What we can offer

We love our job. You notice that when you meet us and see how we work with our customers. Our goal is first and foremost to create a great place to work and to be important to our customers. 

Our vision is to help our customers who are in the middle of digital innovation and transformation. We are working in long-term strategic partnerships and are committed to creating value through great craftsmanship. We already work with companies as Ruter, NorgesGruppen, SPK, Bufdir, Departementenes Service Senter (Regjeringen) and are attracting more and more exciting customers. 

To succeed, we think with both our heads and our hearts, and do our jobs with integrity and pride.

But most of all we can offer

  • A work environment that is focused on delivering quality engineering
  • Time and space for learning, we set aside 12 days yearly for competence development, and give each developer freedom to choose courses and conferences to attend
  • Paid subscriptions on Pluralsite and similar learning platforms
  • Competency groups. Join one or make one!
  • Autonomy within the team and project where you influence choices within technology, methodology and engineering principles
  • Professionalism through good processes, planning and structured teamwork
  • A friendly work environment
  • Good food, good mood! Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks in addition to having a coffee bar and barista. Also, awesome filter coffee. We made office coffee great again!
  • A safe and caring company that values you and your skills
  • Of course, we have competitive terms and conditions.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Read more about what we in tech do here:

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Line Westergaard