In Making Waves we create meaningful, viable and feasible digital experiences by keeping real needs of real people close to heart. We wish to contribute to sustainable development through our work, and act according to our ethical responsibility as designers.

We investigate user behaviour, businesses and market trends. Research and a deep understanding of user needs enable our cross-disciplinary teams to create intuitive and lovable experiences. As firm believers of co-creation, we join forces with our clients from the beginning. Together, our goal is to bring experiences and services to the market that create a positive impact on individuals, society and the environment.

Our set of guiding principles unites us as a team with a shared orientation, and shapes a firm foundation throughout our organization:

Human at Heart

At Making Waves, we believe it is essential to understand and empathize with the needs, challenges and life situations of the people for whom we are creating. Taking into consideration these findings, as well as the client’s perspective, enables us to create real and impactful experiences.

Holistic and strategic

We believe that only through looking at the greater context are we capable of creating truly valuable and technically feasible services for people, resulting in real business value.

We believe extraordinary experiences can only be created through togetherness.

Continuous learning

In a market characterized by high uncertainty and constant change, we believe in continuous learning by trial and error. Through early user feedback, continuous testing, and measurement throughout the product lifecycle, we constantly strive to improve the product and ensure a sustainable solution(fit).

Humble Co-creation

Co-creation is essential in how we operate. We believe that extraordinary experiences only can be created through togetherness. In cross functional teams, designers, content creators, analysts and strategists, developers, team leads and advisors, collectively with the client, take ownership of the process. Together we move lean and we move fast.

Sustainable Change

Together with our clients, we create products and experiences that initiate change and make a great impact on people’s lives. This also requires that organizations transform. We help organizations through such transformations by identifying ways for the impacted users to engage, enabling the feeling of ownership, recognition and safety. 

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