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A phone displaying the shopping experience Making Waves created with Episerver.

New shopping experience with Episerver Ascend

Episerver’s way of surviving today’s highly competitive environment is to create an engaging and integrated online and in-store experience.


  • Strategic positioning
  • Creative concept
  • App development


  • Episerver CMS
  • Episerver Commerce
  • Episerver Insight
  • Episerver Campaign
  • Estimote Nearables Beacons
  • Android and Node.js software
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)

Team members

  • Arnold Macauley
  • David Boland
  • Maxwell Stern
  • Joe Grause
Portrait of David Boland.

“Our team built a solution to a widespread retail business problem — bridging the gap between online and brick-and-mortar commerce. Over the course of several weeks – and weekends – we built a simulated store and applied Bluetooth beacons, mobile apps, and a powerful combination of Episerver products with a back-end system to showcase how to create a personalized and seamless experience across channels.” David Boland, Senior Developer, Making Waves Chicago

“Our team built a solution to a widespread retail business problem.”


With the Partner Innovation Spotlight, Episerver blew its horn to call on partners to extend the use of its newest products in one of three focus areas: Individualized Content, Experience-driven Commerce and Intelligent Campaigns. Making Waves, a Premium Partner of Episerver, took the challenge and created a simulation for Making Waves Shoes, knowing that shoes are a big online hit that many of you also prefer to see, feel and maybe even smell (who are we to judge?) before purchasing.

The display of the interactive shopping solution.

Our approach

The solution engages with you online or via a mobile device, obtaining initial customer information. When you come into the store, we light up those bad boys of Bluetooth beacons and Episerver to deliver an experience specifically for your unique self, both on a mobile app and on an in-store display. This assists you in your evaluation and purchase decision, and you can wave goodbye to bickering, awkward silences or sweaty palms as part of the experience. Additional beacons in the shoes allow us to provide relevant and contextual information to you on an in-store display, based on each product which practically screams for you to pick it up. The beauty of those preferences, is that they open up a whole new world of expanding customer profiles, fueling future recommendations and marketing. Meaning, you can be wild and just go for the purchase right there on-site via a mobile device, and targeted related content (e.g. matching socks or nearby hiking trails - depending on the shoe purchased) will be provided to you.

A monitor displaying the store's activity log.

The outcome

We’re approaching the holy grail of retail—insight and attribution of your behavior and actions as a shopper, across all touchpoints. Ultimately, being able to add digital interactions to the ever so lovely in-store interactions with you and your purchase decisions, and vice versa, is a connection that retailers and brands have been chasing for a long time. Through the combination of Episerver tools, beacon technology and creativity, we can not only offer you a personalized, relevant experience that makes you feel like the king/queen that you are, but also provide a single view of all customer interactions, providing valuable insights to the business.
Making Waves garnered the top prize in the Episerver™ Partner Innovation Spotlight Award at Episerver’s annual customer and partner conference, Ascend 2018.

Overview of the shoe store displaying the shopping experience Making Waves created with Episerver.

Our contribution

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