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Séura TVs hanging on brick walls by a pool with lounge chairs.

Recreating Séura's website

Séura makes best-in-class televisions and mirrors, but, while their products outshine the competition, every brand sounds the same. We found a better way.


  • Creative concept
  • Website design


  • Episerver CMS

Team members

  • Knut-Jørgen Rishaug, Sr. UX Designer
  • Joe Geringer Sr. Developer
  • Ellie Garza, Project Manager
Portrait of Ellie Garza.

“The Séura team is smart and forward-thinking. It was an honor to help them tell their story and create a site as beautiful as their products.” Ellie Garza, Project Manager, Making Waves Chicago

“A site as beautiful as their products.”


Séura kept their competitive advantage too secret - why are they in business and why should you choose them before anyone else? The magic words of their purpose proposition are mighty tools to sum up their most compelling quality: “Create the perfect harmony of technology and design.” The best approach was to prove it with a new digital presence and deliver a refreshed brand expression to engage with their products.

Séura mirror, showing technical applications on the mirror surface, with a Séura TV and the interior of a room in the reflection.

Our approach

We had to get the voice right. We became an integrated partner to understand the Séura mission. On our quest to form deep relationships with all the hardworking souls of the company founders, shop floor technicians, sales experts, all the way to the administration staff, we became better equipped to map out what puts sparkles in their eyes. We flicked our wands and produced a modern brand expression, including brand purpose, value propositions and tone. The response to Séura is “Invisible Awe,” and we made sure to put you in the middle of this experience. We repurposed the schematics of Séura’s industrial design to show you what a happy relationship between art and technology really looks like. It comes to life in the wonder of animations reflecting the innovation and engineering, and points out for you the products that are hidden in plain sight.

The fonts, icons and colors used for Séura's website.

The outcome

We were supportive, we cared and we listened to our clients, and, one thing leading to another, we ended up with a Sé that gives the essence of an industry-leading designer brand that provides effortless product discovery through intuitive user-centric design. When the new brand expression celebrated 2 weeks, updated site data brought the good news of submissions improving 47% and conversion rate up 60% in comparison to the previous site’s 3-month average.

A person accessing the new Séura website on their phone.

Our contribution

Experience strategy

We make sure design, tech and business goals are aligned

Experience vision
Service design
Strategy as process
Financial modelling

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Digital products and services

We create user-centric digital services that make life easier

Transaction services
Mobile apps
Chat & voice bots

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New revenue streams

We identify and accelerate new business opportunities

Business prototyping
Visual proof-of-concepts
Business case
Topline development maps
Funding models
Investment proposals

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