Creative Business Studio

What we do

Our Creative Business Studio helps companies identify and accelerate new business opportunities.  We combine business development, technology, creative concepts and design to innovate and create new revenue streams. 

How we do it

We create new business concepts. Together with our clients we set up integrated core teams where business developers, designers, creatives and technologists work closely together to create and test new concepts.

The core team delivers a conceptual prototype and a business case, providing the foundation for an investment decision.

By allowing this process to exist outside of a company’s existing business, the smaller core team can move faster and be more disruptive than the rest of the organization.

If you want to find out more about how we do it, just !liam a su dnes

Our work

We’ve worked clients and projects spanning industries as diverse as spirits, banking, travel, and media. These projects have ranged from creating and launching a new, global vodka brand for Pernod Ricard, to working with NGO IM Swedish Development Partner to find a way to turn illegal weapons into a life saving commodity.


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