Content Services

Digital content has become a central part of user experience on the web. Content, more than any other digital asset, has the power to shape perceptions and guide behaviors. Customers are now becoming used to using search and comparison websites to find the information and content they are looking for. It is therefore critical that every organization develops a content strategy that defines consistent communications across all digital and offline channels. This can include defining how content will support each stage in the customer journey, from first awareness to post-sale customer care programs.
In marketing, we have entered an era where push-based campaigns – advertising in other words – have become less effective in digital channels. Customers of all ages have quickly become used to using search engines to find information online and “pull” it towards them. So the quality and visibility of your digital content now has a direct impact on your ability to attract new customers, and retain existing ones.
Our range of content services are designed to strengthen your brand, engage your audiences and stimulate sales and conversions across your websites, campaign pages and social media assets. Our service offerings;

Content Strategy

A realistic plan for the creation, publication, and maintenance of customer centric content. We compare existing content with either user needs or competitor content, identifying potential gaps and opportunities to develop a unique voice or position in your market. A good content strategy provides a foundation for producing content that resonates with your audience because it is delivered in the best format, at the right time and to the right channel.

Content Production and Publishing

We can create and publish content – text, photography, video, infographics – using a variety of content management systems. We create content that is based on relevant keyword research, use of effective page markup and article inter-linking. We use web analytics to identify opportunities to improve content and its online findability.
Subject matter competencies include; Travel, Transportation, Technology, Finance, Sport, Retail, Government and Education.
Content formats include; websites, campaign microsites, social media, web video and animations, infographics, digital magazines, catalogs and annual reports.

Multi-language Content Production and Publishing

A key part of our unique approach to content services, is the integration of multi-language content publishing into our core team. Our in-house team of multicultural web editors can localize and adapt content in 15+ languages to meet the needs of global marketing campaigns. We can set up editorial and marketing workflows to meet the needs of different kinds of project – from one-off campaigns, to year round programs, to fully outsourced long term editiorial service provision, including social media management in local languages.
With backgrounds in journalism, customer services, translation, PR, and digital communications, our diverse and multinational team offer a unique blend of expertise and understanding of how content needs to communicate in different cultures and domains.


Knowing how well your digital marketing and communications channels are performing has become an important key performance indicator in most organizations. Our analytics offerings are designed to give you the information you need to take decisions.

  • Web analytics – we can work with your team to set up and implement popular toolsets such as Google Analytics, WebTrends. We supply regular reports with clear recommendations for how to improve specific trends within your website or social media pages to generate more traffic, and more relevant inquiries.
  • Customer analytics – we can work with your CRM or customer database to analyse transaction histories using RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analytics to identify your most and least valuable customers, and the degrees of difference in between. This analysis can be continually updated allowing your sales and marketing teams to contact ”the best potential customer this week or this month”

Custom Publishing

Custom publishing is a tool utilized to create and reinforce brand loyalty, but it has the appearance of an editorial product. Using custom publishing we can extend the impact of marketing campaigns by creating editorial products such as digital magazines. These are available in two formats;

  • Browseable PDFs – which replicate the look and feel of a magazine in a digital format. Using a desktop, tablet or mobile device, customers can turn pages, zoom in on articles and
  • Interactive PDFs – a more advanced form of digital magazine which has much of the look and feel of an application. We can enable advanced menu or tag based navigation for mobile or tablet users as well as responsive page design. It is also possible to add slideshows and even video.

Custom publishing makes sense for business-to-consumer brands seeking to engage a large audience on a regular basis. It should be planned as a regular cycle – for example monthly or quarterly publications in order to justify its initial costs.


Investing in a deliberate structured search engine optimization program is still a smart use of digital marketing budgets. We offer two kinds of search-related services.

  • AdWords services from Making Waves help you optimize your PPC advertising campaigns. Our in-house PPC consultants provide two choices of AdWords services:
    • PPC Driven – puts your AdWords account into the hands of our Google certified PPC experts, who optimize your account to get you the qualified traffic you need. Weekly or monthly reporting options.
    • PPC Managed – a managed service option for advertisers looking for additional AdWords help, for example focusing on set up, configuration, and weekly or monthly reporting by Campaign Groups.
  • SEO – Detailed analysis of your web site indicating specific changes that should be made to your site to maximize site visibility, site traffic and visitor conversions. Monthly reporting on optimal page content to use for each section of your site and why.

Inbound Marketing Programs

Our experienced consultants can help you design detailed, sequenced inbound marketing programs that will maximize online lead generation. We can show you where the holes are in your online prescence and design content that can plug the gaps, and outflank your competitors. Getting your inbound strategy right is crucial to attracting more online traffic, generating dialog and interactions and then turning this customer interest into valuable business.

Marketing Automation Programs

Automate your marketing campaigns using our best-of-breed tools from [Hubspot] to generate better-qualified leads and close more sales. Marketing automation services are designed to give you on-demand sales and marketing execution services. Using marketing automation software we can initiate the following types of campaign;

  • Email marketing – design professional emails that inspire customers to take action. Send a single email for special promotions or use autoresponders to send a personalized series of emails that nurture your leads.
  • Landing pages and webforms – We build landing pages that match your brand, and apply the latest SEO insights to make sure your campaign is found online. We then share your campaign page to your social media pages. Campaign pages are more effective with web forms to capture leads . When a lead completes a web form, this then triggers a follow up action desgned to bring them closer to a sale.
  • Web Activity Monitoring – Better marketing decisions result from seeing what’s happening on your website and landing pages. We track visitor activity from first visit to conversion or sale, and use web analytics to track which sources produce the most leads or sales.
  • Social Lead Generation – We set up a collection of branded templates for Facebook contests and promotions that help you attract and capture leads. Our marketing automation tools monitor all your social media feeds and schedule posts according to user behavior.

Making Waves marketing automation services mean you can offer a branded experience that crosses digital channels and spans a sequence of events in time. We design marketing automation programs that are matched to the needs of your various customer segments.
We also provide training for managers and users of marketing automation processes.