Norwegian Seafood Council

“The best seafood comes from Norway.” This is how the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSR) promotes Norwegian seafood worldwide, on behalf of the industry. NSR is the world’s largest “common marketer” of fish and seafood. The goal is to get more people in different countries to choose Norwegian seafood products.

About the solution

The cooperation with NSR began in 2007 when they wanted to provide statistics that previously were distributed through already completed reports directly to the market via an online portal.

Norwegian Seafood Council (NSR) is the industry’s main source of trade statistics and information about Norwegian seafowebsitesod and they constantly monitor the markets.

We built a service that was structured so individual users could filter, sort, and export the desired figures. The material is drawn directly from NSR own sources and gives the users access to updated information at all times. Market participants are aimed at different markets with different fish and seafood as the primary product, and it was therefore important to provide users with a personalized sectioning of the content. The assignment covers everything from consulting and user experience to technical implementation. Making Waves is responsible for management of all NSR-sites related to both consumer and business markets.

In 2010, we developed a common strategy and a corresponding concept for both NSR websites aimed at consumers and web sites that target businesses of their 13 markets around the world.

The consumer site (, is filled with inspiring fish recipes including a “My cookbook” functionality. The Norwegian site forms the basis for further rollouts in other markets. The project also includes the realization of the concept for a new technology platform that ensures rapid response to requests from the market, and provides great benefits to sharing functionalities across markets.

An important point has been to create visualizations and infographics that make it easy to understand figures in the context the user is in.

Fish recipe app

We have also developed an iPhone app with fish recipes, so far launched in Italy, Portugal and Germany. In addition we created an internal communication system based on the Confluence framework as a wiki-solution where everyone in the organization can help raise public expertise and experience, as well as form guidelines and best practice.

For schoolchildren

But NSR is aimed not only at adults and business markets. We have also collaborated on the development of a small website for the public commitment towards primary- and secondary schools. The website aims to influence children and young people to eat more fish.

Fiskesprell – Godfisk for barn


Making Waves has delivered

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Concept Development
  • Design and Information Architecture
  • Development, maintenance and management
  • Technical realization of the new framework based on eZ Publish
  • Development of portals in responsive design
  • iPhone apps for Italy, Portugal and Germany
  • Content Services / editorial services / translations
  • Project Management

Platform: eZ Publish

Duration: 2007 –

Websites: ,,,


Photo: Audun Aagre, Norwegian Seafood Council