Innovative solutions and user experiences are created through intelligent use of modern technology. Through integrated teams and processes, we build products that create results. We have creative developers who participate in design processes, and experienced architects who provide strategic advice.

IT Architecture Consulting

Your digital services are only as good as the underlying technology and data permits. After having implemented a broad range of applications for various industries, we know where the typical pain-points are in order to succeed in the digital world.

Architecture Consulting from Making Waves means getting concrete advice on opportunities, solutions and strategies in order to provide the platform you need for your digital services. We analyze and document the current application landscape and business processes, define architecture principles and goals, develop target architecture descriptions and gap analysis, define candidate roadmap components and priorities, and plan the transition from the current situation to the desired target state.

We are trained on the TOGAF framework for Enterprise Architecture.


No modern digital service is an island. We access your data sources and applications – on premise and in the cloud – and make this available for easy consumption by your digital services. Sometimes this must include an intermediate step of data enrichment (e.g. adding missing information), other times it’s just a technical transformation.

We integrate with your applications in order to drive the end user experiences that we design together. This can mean extracting transactions about your users in order to provide a personalized shopping experience, or it can mean extracting both structured and unstructured information to provide an intelligent search experience. Sometimes integration means sending order information to your ERP, or it can mean populating a Product Information Management system with basic product information.

Some integrations are real-time, others are asynchronous. Usually the end user experience requires a little bit of both.

We integrate stuff in order to provide a user experience, and therefore let end user needs and business goals drive the requirements.

Custom Application Development and Microsoft Azure

Making Waves has a long tradition of developing business-critical bespoke web applications based on the Microsoft .Net platform and SQL Server databases. Specific teams are sometimes allocated to the maintenance and development of crucial applications for many years. We pride ourselves on delivering quality through continuous delivery, utilizing Kanban and agile methodology combined with code management strategies, to be able to deliver major and minor upgrades with minimal effort and downtime.

We are early adopters of cloud technology, and became the first Microsoft Azure Circle-partner in Norway at the beginning of 2012. We consider scalability and elasticity part of our DNA. We also handle hosting in Microsoft Azure on behalf of our partners, thus becoming a single contact point for all issues related to an application.

Combining experience and a desire to keep up with new technology has enabled us to deliver outstanding solutions to ever-changing customers and requirements. Please contact us for cases and references.

Self-service and portals

How do you create the greatest value for your business through your web portal? For the majority of our clients the answer is clearly to provide self-service portals that are available 24/7 and that works just as well on smart phones and tablets as they do on computers. At Making Waves we create customized web portals that let your customers help themselves: from intelligent, prefilled loan applications to safely buying a new apartment with a digital signature.

No modern digital service is an island. We also create the integration between your web portal and internal systems, as well as third party systems, to make your web site a natural extension of your core business.

The EPiServer content management system (CMS) is a natural choice when creating a flexible web based platform with heavy integrations, and is often at the heart of the portals we develop. Making Waves are one of their most successful and longest standing partners, with over 57 EPiServer Certified Developers in house.

It is not enough just to have a great web portal, you also need to get targeted traffic to your site, optimize conversions and create business. With EPiServer’s built in features and add-ons you can build traffic to your site through marketing automation, social media management, campaign optimization and SEO tools within the same user-friendly web based editor interface.

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Making Waves is the largest EPiServer partner and among our core offerings you will find EPiServer Commerce. We deliver solutions that cater to the medium-to-large companies who aim to have a clear presence in the market with their commerce capable web solutions.

Making Waves has delivered e-commerce solutions for many years and our business-, technology and design-consultants have extensive domain knowledge in addition to product and technology expertise.

We also focus on supporting the commerce solutions with extended services like PIM and Data Analysis (Traffic analytics and Business Intelligence) to leverage a broader platform for information gathering and competitive edge.

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Intranets and Collaboration

We have defined a modern intranet as “The sum of all tools that gets the work done”. Our goal is to design and deliver comprehensive internal solutions that empowers the staff to deliver outstanding work.

Nevertheless, what makes a comprehensive intranet? We have a theory that 80% of all functionality needed by knowledge staff are actually more or less the same in most organizations. The employees wishes:

  • To be informed on relevant news, activities and events.
  • Information on HR and employee rights and benefits.
  • Simple ways to store, share, and collaborate on documents.
  • To find their own stuff and relevant things their colleague made.
  • To find each other.
  • Discuss knowledge.
  • To use their mobile phone to do internal stuff.

The technologies we use, deliver most of this common functionality. Our projects therefore concentrates on the remaining 20% of needs to get the work done.

The common functionality must be designed to fit the actual organization of people, processes and work situations. Information and tools must be adapted to different local needs. Sometimes there is a need for special integrations, and the possibility to search across the “silos” of information within an organization. Many businesses also meet compliance regulations and goverment archiving laws that must be fulfilled.

And not the least, the modern intranet needs a consistent look and feel that builds a strong brand awareness and cultural pride.

We create modern intranets solutions based on well-known technologies and platforms: The Microsoft Office suite, SharePoint 2013, Office 365 (SharePoint Online), and EPiServer CMS. Enterprise search is always an important part of our deliveries.

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