Content Services

From Content To Customer – Building An Inbound Marketing Machine. We offer an integrated set of content marketing and related services which strengthen your brand and drive traffic to digital channels. Marketers are quickly coming to the realization that the age of outbound marketing, which includes most traditional advertising strategies – is in permanent decline.

Content Analysis

Comparing existing content with either user needs or competitor content, identifying potential gaps and opportunities.

Content Strategy

A realistic, measurable plan for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content. Includes specific fact-based recommendations about how the organization can create the content it needs to meet objectives.

“Quality, relevant content can’t be spotted by an algorithm. You can’t subscribe to it. You need people – actual human beings – to create or curate it.”

Content Production and Publishing

From our offices in Oslo and Krakow, Making Waves employs consultants not only from the local markets but also from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, USA, Canada, Italy and across Scandinavia. This offers a unique blend of expertise and understanding of how content needs to communicate in different cultures and domains. With background in journalism, customer services, translation, PR, and digital communications, our diverse and enthusiastic team can provide content that is both engaging and effective.

We follow a project QA process for Content Services which covers delivery of the following formats:

Content Optimization & Analytics
We create content that is based on relevant keyword research, use of effective page markup and article inter-linking. We use web analytics to identify (on an ongoing basis) opportunities to improve content and its online findability.

Other Content Services
Print products such as customer magazines, corporate reports. e-Publishing for tablets and mobile platforms. Branded content development for broadcast media. Content-rich apps for mobile and tablet.


Are you visible in the market? A comprehensive digital initiative will strengthen your brand. Making Waves has ambitions to become one of the leading players in digital marketing communications. Our department of digital marketing communication is rigged to handle small and large communications contracts. We can assist with strategy, idea and concept development of campaigns for online and mobile, on site marketing, film and animation, text, digital newsletters and activities in social media. Creative and effective communication solutions that support your existing solutions – so you get more in return for your investment, and the users will experience a holistic communication.

We provide:

  • Content and CRM strategies
  • Idea and concept development of campaigns for online and mobile
  • On site marketing
  • Film and animation
  • Newsletters / HTML mailer
  • Social Media
  • Text (including editorial texts)